10 Perfect Baby Shower Books Instead of Cards

IMG_3283This weekend, I am hosting a baby shower for one of my best friends who is having her first baby girl. While planning, she asked that her guests bring her a book that she may read to her daughter, rather than a card. This tradition has become very popular here in the United States; what a wonderful way to introduce stories to your baby.


While searching for the perfect book to bring to her shower, I pondered if many people have a hard time deciding which book to bring to a shower. After all, recommending and gifting books can be a very personal gesture. And that’s when I got my idea to write this. I wanted to share what I believe would be a perfect book to gift a new baby. So, without further ado…

10 Perfect Baby Shower Book Instead of Cards

A Traditional Read

You can never go wrong with a classic children’s book such as one of many Dr. Seuss’ works, Goodnight Moon, or The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


A Contemporary Read

Who says you have to choose classics? There are so many new contemporary reads that will soon become baby’s favourite. Here are a few:


An Interactive Read

I love books that play on babies’ senses. There are so many books that have patches of different fabrics, objects to pull or twist, or books that are safe to chew during teething phase.

IMG_3221IMG_3222IMG_3223 (1)

A Book For When They Are Older

You don’t have to gift a book intended for babies. Give a gift that baby can read when he/she is older. Why not introduce baby to the world of Narnia or Wonderland?

IMG_3225 (1)IMG_3226

A Bilingual Book

Teaching children another language at a young age can be very beneficial to them when they become adults. There are so many bilingual books aimed at teaching babies their first words in both languages. I gifted a bilingual book to a friend of mine that wanted to incorporate both English and Spanish in the home. She loved it!


A Spiritual Book

If you know the spiritual practices of the family, gifting a book based on their beliefs can be especially meaningful.


A Classic Read

You can choose to give a book of nursery rhymes or fairytales. These are classics that will never be a bad choice.


A Book With Their Name In The Title

Try to find a book that has baby’s name in the title. You can even personalize some books to add the baby’s name into the story.


Mom’s Favourite Childhood Book

If you know mom’s favourite childhood book, how meaningful would it be to gift her the chance to read that story to her baby? It doesn’t just have to be mom’s favourite, it can be dad’s, or even a grandparent’s.


A Practical Book

Choose a book that can help baby learn as he/she grows. This can be a book about using the potty, losing your first tooth, being a little brother/sister, or learning colors, shapes, and numbers.


As for me, I chose to gift my favourite children’s book that I adored when I was little:


What is your favourite childhood book?

Happy Reading Everyone!


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One thought on “10 Perfect Baby Shower Books Instead of Cards

  1. I’d go fairy tales any day !!! I think when talking to babies/new borns/almost borns 🙂 the tone of voice is so important. Thats easy to do with fairy tales besides they are such fun to read !! Have you tried the Arabian Nights ?? Grimms fairy tales most every one has read I would guess


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